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Dec. 21st, 2012

2012 in review

Hello Livejournal. The only reason I am all up in you right now is because Mystery mentioned it yesterday when we were browsin' around downtown, and I made a mental note to visit. I have not been here in a really long time!

I figure I might do some kind of review of this year. It was a pretty good one.

January: Began my Spring semester at SFU with four courses: Astronomy (PHYS 190), Intro to Linguistics (for the second time...), an Advanced Composition World Literature class (WL 301W), and a World Lit class on Sages and Poets (WL 305W). I fucking loved Astronomy because the Professor, Dr. Trottier, made it so fucking good. During this time I became closer with nice ladies named Rowena, Valerie and Sara, as we were in this class together.

February: Celebrated three years with Rowan-poo on February 13th. I got a room at the Westin Bayshore Hotel by Stanley Park and we rode bikes around the sea wall that day and took some pictures. Rowan took me to the Boathouse for dinner and then we walked around a bit, taking a couple more pictures. It was so nice! So so so nice. In the morning we went to Cafe Crepe for breakfast. This was also the time I submitted my application to be a part of the 2012 Prague Field School in SFU's department of Humanities.

March: Threw a surprise birthday party for Rowan on March 3rd that ended up not being very surprising, haha. It was still a good time! I remember going to Nikki's house a night or two before the party and we rolled joints all night with flavoured rollies because I needed the practice. That was basically Rowan's birthday present, besides the party itself. I learned I would be going on the Prague Field School (HOORAY) and I had do attend some lame pre-departure orientation. On a sad note, Rowan and I ended our relationship for basically one day on March 22nd. I remember because it was Mystery's birthday party time the next day, and we were going to go together. We did end up going for sushi before her birthday and talking. It was he who decided to end it, and it was a very sad but respectful breakup in his car outside of my house the previous night. Walking to Mystery's apartment Rowan asked if he could be muh boyfriend again and I said yes.

April: My supervisor Kate had her last shift and Victoria took over her job. It was originally a weird transition, but now I'm a big fan of it. I was still shaken up by the weird 24-hour break up and so Rowan and I were still working on things. We celebrated Patrick's birthday at Celebrities with a bingo night, it was pretty hilarious. School was kicking my ass around this point with finals and everything. The Snow Patrol concert was on April 30th and it was very nice! I went with Rowan, Rowena, and Daniel.

May: On May 1st I left for Germany to visit my dad's family before taking the train from Dresden - Prague on May 8th. My dad (and his twin sister) are adopted, and their older sister and older brother (my dad has never met his older brother) live in Germany. It was weird to visit them because I hadn't seen his older sister since I was 5, I think. She was so excited to see me, and we talked a lot and did many fun things. Went to Freiburg, took the train to Dresden where her brother lives, hung out with him, baked apple tarts. Ate a lot of bratwurst. It was a good time! Then I arrived in Prague for three SFU courses (11 credits total) and things got weird, because accommodations were crazy. My roommate Caitie and I had to find our way around a Czech supermarket/department store and buy pots and pans and laundry detergent so we could cook and hang out clothes on a line in our tiny room. After about a week we conquered the transit system and figured out where to go; it didn't help that two different campuses were involved. However, studying at Charles University and being in the same neighbourhood where Kafka lived and worked was a MAJORLY COOL thing for me. Milan Kundera also went there, and he is my all-time favourite author. We had to take a Czech language class and it was very hard. Took a weekend trip to Berlin with a couple girls which spurred some frustration, but I had a good time so I don't really care. Seeing the Brandenburg Gate, where Napolean did his little entrance, was really cool. I remember breaking down in a park about 20 minutes away from the gate because I missed Rowan too much.

June: Still in Prague, but Caitie and I took a trip to Salzburg (Austria) for my birthday. We had a little bit of a weird tension but it all went away when we were there. We bought elf sweaters and galloped around town, she bought me dinner at a nice restaurant that had this traditional Viennese dessert with plums, syrup, ice cream, vanilla something, and some kind of pastry. It was nice. I bought myself a silver rose ring as a birthday present. I called Rowan on my birthday and talked to him for about an hour at night in the lobby of the hostel, all up against the wall because the phone cord they gave me was so short. Skype is a beautiful thing. Left Prague officially on a night train to Ljubljana (Slovenia) on June 27th with Caitie and Elisa -- the night before, I sent four boxes of things to my mom at home, because I didn't want to carry all of it anymore. Made the mental note to take a legit backpack next time I go to Europe instead of a huge suitcase. It was an experience. Arrived in Ljubljana, had a nice time walking around. Honestly I mostly just slept while I was there, because 4 days before everything school related was over, my laptop decided to show me the blue screen of death, and I had to re-write a bunch of papers in 4 days. Got an extension on the final paper though. Due to weird tension, I decided to not follow Caitie to Croatia and instead in a fit of tears, I called my dad and he told me to book something else. The cheapest flight anywhere I would enjoy going was to Copenhagen (Denmark) the following night, so I did that. On June 28th I got on that plane and had a fucking amazing time on my own in Copenhagen. Quickly met a nice fellow in the hostel waiting area named Illka, who decided I was awesome or something and we hung out with his friend Kaisa for 4 days straight, drinking in parks and seeing the sights. It was amazing.

July: After Copenhagen, I got on a plane to Paris on July 6th. Immediately fell in love with Paris, despite the fact that the airport was confusing as fuck and when I got to Gare du Nord train station, a large black man tried to steal my suitcase. My hostel was located in the Montmartre area, a five minute walk from Sacre Coeur. Walked EVERYWHERE in Paris, and met many flirtatious men that I didn't really know how to handle. Ended up writing my final paper in a Paris Starbucks on my mom's iPad (she let me take it "just in case") in six hours. Never went up the Eiffel tower due to massive lines, but I went there during the day and also at night when it is all lit up and pretty. Bought many cool things from vintage stores, saw the hotel where Oscar Wilde died (saying the famous final words, "either this wallpaper goes or I do"). Saw Jim Morrison's and Oscar Wilde's graves at that famous creepy cemetery. Ate a disappointing crepe. Had a 72 year old Russian woman named Svetlana as one of my three roommates at the hostel; she told me all about how she doesn't believe in interracial couples or countries. Laughed in her face about that... good thing she never stole any of my stuff in revenge or something. Ate many croissants. Then, on July 12 I took the train UNDERWATER to London! It was really cool, and I was really excited to be only expected to speak English. Visited my cousin Jennifer in a town called Hitchin, where she moved with her husband David this past February from Toronto. They have a nice dog named Banjo, so I played with him a lot. I told her how shitty my suitcase became and she gave me one of hers. We went to this cool farmhouse pub with ducks and chickens in the back and had a traditional English "Sunday roast". Didn't do a whole lot of cool things in London because I was tired, I was in a hostel sharing a room with 23 other people, and it rained the whole time. But I saw the basics! Flew out of London on July 17th, stopping in Calgary for 3 hours and then arriving in Vancouver sometime in the early evening. Rowan, my mom and dad, and my aunt and her friend Marian were at the airport to greet me! Then in the last bit of July I saw Lion King in the park with Rowan (it was an awkward time, but I don't remember why), saw some fireworks (those were fun!), and just kind of chilled and saw people like Rowena, Mikaela and Emily who I had obviously not seen in a long time.

August: Went to the Pride festival downtown with friends, hung out at Chelsea's sweet apartment on Davie for the last time before she moved to Victoria with her sister. I went back to work at Hollyburn and it was weird to be back, but I'm so glad they allowed me to take basically 3 months off. My cousin Ashley visited from Toronto because she had this work conference thing in Victoria, so I hung out with her for a couple days! Got my wisdom teeth removed on August 22nd, and then got a IUD on August 23rd, which caused me to be basically a potato for about 4-5 days.

September: enrolled in four more SFU courses: Latin American Literature (WL 410), Phonology (LING 221), Exiles and Emigres Literature (WL 304) and the dreaded final Q credit course of math (EDUC 211). Didn't really do many things other than school and hanging out with Rowan this month, but I did go to Victoria for Emily's birthday for September 14th. I stayed there for two nights, coming home on September 16th. We went to UVIC's pub Felicita's and had a nice time. At the end of the night I went home with Chelsea and told her I would go get us some food from McDonalds down the street, but she was so drunk she went upstairs and passed out and didn't let me in. Called Nikki and Dylan who came to the rescue, and opened the door for me and the three of us hung out all night while Chelsea was dead to the world. The next day Chelsea, Emily and I got high outside of the Parliament buildings and then went to the museum with the special showcase of dinosaurs. It was a good time! Then on September 16th, the day I got back, I went to see Angus Stone with Rowena at the Electric Owl. Whatta babe.

October: Went to Toronto for my cousin Christopher's wedding on October 7th, and therefore did not get a Thanksgiving. My uncle Pete, being the silly guy that he is, got us all turkey subs from Subway the night before the wedding and proclaimed that it was our Thanksgiving. The wedding was beautiful, I got to see my grandma in Beeton (though she did not attend the wedding). There is a lot of drama when it comes to the condition of my grandmother right now, so I won't really get into it. I'm really glad I got to see her though. I was only in Toronto for 4 days because of school/midterms and such, so next time I go I would like to stay longer. Didn't get Halloween party times this year because I had a class that night from 5:30-9:20 on Burnaby mountain, so that sucked. ALSO, ROSIE CAME HOME FROM HAWAII AND THAT WAS VERY NICE.

November: Realized I was close to failing math, had a bit of a panic attack. Went to see the professor many times for extra help, though! Lots of paper writing this month, followed by figuring out the next semester. Decided that Spring 2013 semester would be the LAST semester of my undergrad, and talked with several academic advisers about it. Figured out that I would be taking Directed Studies with the department head, Ken, and it was both terrifying and exciting news. I really hope next semester I impress the dude. This was a hugely stressful month for both Rowan and I, so we didn't see much of each other and when we did, it was just when he came over after being at school until 11pm or something. Sometimes even later. Finished all my papers and all my assignments and smoked many bowls in celebration. I also decided to enroll in the Sun Run this coming April for the first time, so that is cool. Rosie is doing it, too!

December: Semester officially ended as of December 14th, which was the night of my last exam! Rather pleased with my grades, and especially astounded I got a C+ in math when I seriously was expecting a C- or even a D. So far have just been doing a bunch of Christmas shopping, getting frustrated with Rowan and how hard he is to shop for (not because it is really hard, but because he has this annoying habit of wanting to buy himself things I specifically got him and would like to surprise him with 2 weeks before Christmas, haha). I saw his family for the first time in MONTHS a few days ago, and that was very nice! Also puppies. Rowan and I celebrated the end of the semester with his SIAT friends at the Morrissey, and the following night Rowena's 22nd birthday at the Roxy. As far as my job goes, the client I mainly work with is aging out of the program and is going to a new company. The daughter of the people who own that company was in one of my classes this year (holy coincidence) and she got my friend Mikaela a job there. Considering that I have spent 2 years with this client, they want me to work for them and they want to pay me more... so as it stands now they are sorting that out with my current boss, Victoria, and we'll see how that all works out in January. Amazin'. It's especially awesome because I'm currently secretly hatin' on a new, stupid employee named Eunice. I'm pretty much done shopping, now onwards to wrapping presents! Trying to find united plans for Rowan and I this New Years, but it is proving a little difficult. Hopefully some sort of compromise works out, I think it will! Now I just need to read a few books in preparation for my last semester and see as many people I love as possible! Also might pierce my nose and/or my ears (again) in a week or something. Who knows!

Here's hoping to a fantastic 2013. Graduation in June, hopefully a trip with my cousins to Texas to visit other relatives in July, hopefully some full-time employment so I can go on more trips and do more fun things. I really would like to go to New York sometime soon, as well as get a half sleeve tattoo done by Dan Henk in Philadelphia. The goal is to combine those two things into a month long adventure, but we'll see!

I hope 2013 is good to all of you. (L)

Oct. 23rd, 2009

The Office has re-runs on Friday nights?!

I love Jim and Pam.
I don't think I can express enough how much I love Jim and Pam.

Jim and Pam forever.

Jul. 12th, 2009

Go Karts.

I have a new desk.
A newly painted room.
A new TV stand.
And soon, a new lap top!

And four loads of laundry.

Feb. 26th, 2009

Floor seats for No Doubt, YEEEEEEEEEAH.


Feb. 19th, 2009

Happy birthday, Kevin.

Wishing the ginger a happy 2 decade day.

Feb. 1st, 2009

Here I go!

I'm putting together an art portfolio and it must be complete in 10 days!

Jan. 4th, 2009

This is balls.

I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and told that I should have my tonsils removed to POSSIBLY help this condition.

I'm so tired.

Jan. 1st, 2009

New Years!

New Year's Eve was a huge success.

It was at Sean's place (which is a bitch to walk to) and I quite enjoyed the group of people. Dave and "his group" went to some Newton party instead so there were no stupid, slutty bitches walking around being disgusting. I spent most of my time with Spencer, Emily, Chelsea, and Steven. I also spent some time with Nic and I met his new girlfriend and she is quite nice.

It was probably the best party I've ever been to hosted by someone in my grade.
I couldn't drink anything though because I am not allowed to mix alcohol with my medication (I proved this already) but that was okay, fun was still had. Graeme and Cris Liscombe were completely fucked, it was entertaining. The game "I never" was also pretty entertaining.

Vojtek and his friends showed up at 3 minutes to midnight so we chilled with them after the ball dropped.

Steven kissed me at midnight, I was not expecting that.
That whole situation got weirder later on, too.

Andy texted me at midnight which made me really happy, so I called him and we had a lovely conversation. <3

Chelsea, Emily, Vojtek and I left Sean's at about 1:30 and walked that bitch of a walk back to Chelsea's apartment.
On the way I ran into Khalid! Which was awesome.
Because I love him.
He was holding a lot of beer and trying not to fall in the snow.

Great start to the year.

Happy New Year peoples!

Dec. 24th, 2008

Siiiilent Night.

Carolling was much fun I thought, despite being a bit of a failure. I hope to go again next year.
Thank you all for walking me home.

I hope you all have a really great Christmas.
I like you all.

And it'd be cool to see all of you more.


Dec. 6th, 2008

I'm bored.

I had this dream where I was a superhero and it made me happy.

Things I would like right now:

- a new job
- an 8$ blackberry (so jealous)
- yam fries...
- a way to charge my iPod without fucking it up
- my own computer back
- respect from my boss and one teacher in particular
- the end of tension
- a more suitable phone plan

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